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Brandt BPI6314B Induction Hob

10 safety points Integrale safety thanks to the 10 safety points with overheating protection, child lock, residual heat indicators, anti-overflow system, automatic-stop system, pan detection and small object detection.

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bpi6309b brandt induction hob 3 zone 60cm

-Precise and Efficient Cooking

All Brandt Induction hobs feature electronic, touch sensitive controls for effortless use. Precise heating levels allow you to create inspired dishes while the Boost function brings your straight to maximum power. 

-Cooking Memorisation

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Brandt 2 zone induction hob BPI6230BL

-2 zone cooking

Enjoy flexible cooking with Brandt's 2 zone induction hob!

-Brandt's 10 Safety Measures

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Brandt BPI6210B Built-in induction hob 2 zone

- Dedicated keyboard 
Thanks to dedicated keyboard for each cooking zone, you can control the hob very easily and quickly. For more comfort, the hob has one independent timer.

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bpi6449bl brandt 80cm induction hob


This zoneless cooking concept empowers you to push culinary creativity to the limits! horiZonetech boasts a true zoneless induction cooking surface that is able to accommodate all shapes and sizes of cookware - from rectangular pans to oval dishes. 

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